ICS is here to help you navigate the challenges between where you are and where you want to be.  When you choose ICS, you choose a partner that will guide you through the entire process.  Unlike most career services available today, we do not simply write you a resume and send you on your way.  We want to know what your specific challenges are and provide personalized solutions to help you overcome them.

Mission Statement:

Empower clients with the tools, knowledge, and confidence necessary to achieve their goals. Partner with clients to understand their unique challenges and provide personally tailored, integrated solutions that help them successfully navigate the challenges between where they are and where they want to be.


Do you know...

  • How to properly identify your personal and career strengths and weaknesses and align them with your education and experience to focus on opportunities you actually want?

  • Simply applying to jobs posted on job boards seldom results in employer contact.  Having the right job search strategy can help.

  • Each resume submitted should be unique for the position you are applying for and that there are techniques to easily amend your resume to target desired positions.

  • Today's Human Resources departments use applicant tracking software (ATS) to prescreen resumes.  Are you confident your resume will make it past the robots and into the hands of a human?

  • Hiring managers assess your brand!  They will collectively view your application, resume, cover letter, and social media before scheduling an interview.  Is your branding synchronized and saying the right things about you?

  • Most applicants fail during interviews because they are simply answering the questions asked. Interview questions are often chosen to assess strengths, characteristics, and attributes beneficial for the position.  Do you know how to provide these elements in the answers you give during the interview process?

      We offer an integrated approach that incorporates all essential requirements to help you successfully attain your career goals.  Whether you are new to the workforce, a recent graduate, transitioning to a new career, or looking to advance within your current industry, we are here to help!

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